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Опубликовано 13 Февраль 2007 - 17:16

we are the founders and animators of Halla ( www.halla.mjollnir.pl ) the biggest forum in Poland concerning viking times, as well as a catalog of archeological finds from the early middle ages - www.mjollnir.pl/wiki . Due to education or passion we are interested in early middle ages , particularly in the world of slav and vikings. We conduct and support different forms of historical education for example: through the so called "Re-enacting History" (that is showing off material and spiritual culture of those people), performing educational alive archeology shows, by exchanging information and experiences within the movement of historic reconstruction, as well as by establishing and holding relations with other similliar organizations, and cooperation with national (local) and foreign museums and cultural centers etc.
From a few years now We keep observing the publishing market as well as the resources located on the internet and with great joy we discover publications on the mentioned topic. We are in property of a reasonable amount of publications, both in paper and electronic versions. Thanks to them we , we enrich our knowledge and as a result we improve the catalog of archeological finds of the early middle ages.
We have encountered onto your website. Judging from the contents You are a great fan and expert of the viking era. We would like to establish contact with you and invite You to cooperate with us in creating this catalog.
Sincerely, Storrada

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